How high or low should you build your fence?

When hunting a major factor is the height of your fence. People make some valid points about fencing in general. The first that is very common is that if you are hunting inside a fenced area then the animal has no chance at staying alive. There is a lot to consider when deciding what height fence to put up.


If you are to put a high fence up there are many pros. It will be easier for you to catch the animal most likely because the animal does not have much of a place to go. Another good thing is that with high fencing you do not have to deal with neighbor influence. The neighbors cannot see what your doing or even what is happening usually. Another thing that is good about higher fences is that you usually have your own deer herd and you can easily keep a record of your population. Also with your high fences you can build food plots for them so you can enhance their natural habitat. Lastly with higher fences you know in your mind that your deer are always there and you do not have to worry about your neighbor or some stranger shooting them. In Texas high fencing is the most popular because that’s just how Texans like doing it.


If you are to put up a lower fence there are a few pros as well like the fact that you will be able to hunt a deer that is free to run. The deer has a better chance of running and being able to. A lower fence allows for a more open space but it does have a few cons. One of the major cons is that you never know who is going to come along and try and shoot your deer or game. A lower fence gives you less privacy but in the long run it is better for your game.


Overall having in fence in general has it cons. If you are fencing in wildlife they are no longer free to run about wherever they would like. When fencing game it results in unnatural genetics.


The height of your fence for game hunting is important when purchase your farm/ranch property in North Texas.


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