How do I qualify for an Agricultural Tax Exemption?

In order to qualify for an agricultural tax exemption, the primary usage of the land must be agriculture and it must be used to the intensity of other agricultural properties in the area. In return for the tax exemption, the property is devoting the next five to seven years to agriculture. Although the primary usage of the land must be agriculture, the owner does not have to make majority of their income from farming or ranching.

Examples of agricultural usage would be cultivating crops, raising livestock, and raising exotic animals. However, feeding the indigenous deer or harvesting native plants would not be examples of agricultural usage.

Depending on your county, you will be required to have one animal unit per five to ten acres. For example, a horse would be one animal unit, six goats would be one animal unit, or one bull would be one and a half animal units.

Prior to applying you will need to obtain a agricultural registration number.  When applying for an agricultural tax exemption, you will need a description of your business, your address, your social security number, and your Texas Secretary of State file number.

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