How do you prevent soil erosion along creeks?

When you notice that soil erosion is occurring there are various ways you can handle it. Depending on your method it can be relatively cheap or very costly.


The first way to prevent soil erosion is through planting vegetation because plants will stabilize the so

il and will prevent soil erosion. This is the most common way to prevent it because it’s simple and easy. You can also use geotextiles because they will stabilize the soil as well. There are three different types of geotextiles. The first type is a woven geotextile which refers to pavement, roads, and structures that control erosion control. The second type is a non-woven geotextile which is a non-woven fabric that can help stabilize and stop soil erosion. The third type of geotextile is coir products, which is the natural and biodegradable solution when trying to control soil erosion. They are also known as coconut fiber products. Another popular way to control soil erosion is by using mulch or fertilizer. You want to apply it where the soil is eroding and it will control some of the soil erosion as well as control the pH levels in your soil. The last way to prevent soil erosion is by building retaining walls. The retaining walls will protect the soil from erosion as well as keep your creek looking nice. Also it is recommended that you use retaining walls with other methods. For example if you build a retaining wall, add some mulch or fertilizer along the wall.


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